Making cities "smarter"

"the world around you just got more interesting"

 TAG-GO helps cities getting 'smarter'

with a new media for geo-localised communication and advertising services in Augmented Reality.

Our platform provides cities with an innovative tool that connects citizens, businesses and local institutions.

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Using a Touch Phone


Marketing team meeting



Discover, connect and meet the people around you

Leave a tag and make your content accessible to the people sharing the same space as yours. 

Whether you are in a café, at a concert, at a conference or simply at a bus stop -

Connect with the people around you and make new friends  


With Tag-Go mobile you can place your content (text, picture or video) where it belongs to and interact with people around you! Leave your mark in the places you visit and let your content be available there, where it truly matters!


Experience the innovative Tag-Go way of sharing and keeping your content alive by injecting new life in every conversation you join and every comment you leave.


Unlock all the potential of your phone: leave message tags exactly where you want and interact with all that you can see around you.


Connect your brand with consumers

Tag-Go simplifies the production and distribution of ads in Augmented Reality by offering turn-key solutions that can be specifically designed for all types of business

We make advertising accessible to all

We are cost-effective, easy and fun

Advertising reinvented

Who said that promoting your business cannot be fun?! Tag-Go business allows advertising in an innovative, exciting and cost-effective way. Create your advertising campaign, define its features and launch it!

Closer to your clients

With Tag-Go you can decide to put your ads where it really matters, for example in areas where there is higher activity of Tag-Go mobile users or wherever your message is more likely to reach its target audience

Gain full control

Take advantage of a very rich range of analytics telling you everything you want to know on your campaigns. Contact us and find out more. Your first advertising campaign is only few clicks away!





Tag-Go is a Finnish company that created a new media for geo-localized communication and interactive advertising services combining Augmented Reality (AR) experience, mobile and web technologies.


At the heart of Tag-Go is the ability to identify precisely a point in the physical space and associate to it a digital message (tag), which remains accessible to other users of the service for a predefined period of time (tag lifetime). The tags posted on a specific location become available for reading, replying or collecting via Augmented Reality experience only when such location enters the visible range of a mobile device running the Tag-Go application.


Tag-Go supports two basic types of tags: messaging tags and coupon tags. The messaging tags carry user-defined digital content and allow time-bond message threading (i.e. create, read and reply). You can leave message tags around you by simply long-pressing on the map or AR-view!

On the other hand, the coupon tags are centrally distributed over the territory and are intended as individually collectable assets. The coupon tags are normally associated to a real-life counter value offered by the Tag-Go user that made them available for collection. Sounds challenging? Let us take care of this for you!


Tag-Go offers a free for all and ad-free app to enable the production, consumption and collection of message tags. 

For those who would like to take full advantage of our platform, we offer turn-key solutions for the creation, distribution and monitoring of customised ad-campaigns. Coupon based campaigns can be used for the de-materialisation of traditional paper based information campaigns or street level promotion activities. In addition to that, we allow acquiring privileged ad-spaces in selected areas of interest that can be locked for exclusive use for the desired time.


Tag-Go is the result of the creativity of three friends united by the passion for technology, the love for investments and the dream of picking that one gem, in the pool of undiscovered ideas, which will make the world a better place.

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