Through a partnership with a local company, TAG-GO has been proposed to the community of Pisa. The aim is to revitalise businesses, communication and assistance to tourists for a better usability of the unique artistic, cultural and eno-gastronomic riches of the city and its territory. The project is currently being implemented and will be rolled out in January 2020.

The local institutions and industry associations have taken this partnership very positively and discussions are already ongoing to expand the project to the entire region of Tuscany, starting from the neighbouring cities of Livorno, Lucca and Florence.


'Balduina' is an urban area in the city of Rome, located at the southern side of Monte Mario. There are 42,000 inhabitants in the area.

Few months ago, the popular committee BLADUINA’S developed the 3S PROJECT aimed to change the face of the neighbourhood. The 3 S stand for Shopping, Smart and Social. 'Shopping' is going to trade on the street that needs a rapid intervention to increase the competitiveness of local activities stifled by the crisis and caught between large chains and franchising. 'Smart' indicates the desire to improve the quality of life and stimulate new public and private investments, through the use of digital and sustainable solutions that are able to exploit the latest data collection and analysis technologies. 'Social' highlights the need to create an interactive community open to sharing information and skills, exchanging goods and services, organising social and cultural meetings and initiatives.

This model wants to be only the first of many development plans in the various districts of Rome, thanks also to the attention given by the Municipality and the Lazio Region.

TAG-GO integrates into the 3S PROJECT as the optimal tool for advertising and communication.